Saturday, October 16, 2004

Wimbledon's a winner

I learned something interesting when I went to see Wimbledon (the movie, not the tournament.) Even if I know exactly where a movie is going, it can still be a good movie if it persuades me to care about the characters and their destination. This movie has the most predictable plot imaginable -- the trailer was a yawner -- and I went only because I was curious about Paul Bettany, who plays the lead. The plot never varied from its map -- I was never surprised by the story, not even once! -- but the characters were so beautifully drawn, and the moviemakers went such interesting places with that threadbare little plot, that I had a very good time. Nice illustration of the fact that there are not really new stories to tell, but an infinite number of interesting ways to tell them.

Oh, and Bettany's good, very good. Nice to know he can act so well with Russell Crowe nowhere in sight. Thumb's up.


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