Monday, August 20, 2007

Imagine Me & You - 2005 the opening of a song by The Turtles in the '60's. It's a bittersweet song that kinda makes you think that the kind of obsessiveness that a lyric like "I think about you day and night" doesn't end up well. I wish this drama had taken this bittersweet quality literally.

Luce, played winningly by 300's Lena Headey, is a florist who works with a happy couple on their wedding. She becomes friends with the couple, both of whom hope to hook her up with the Best Man. Unbeknownst to them, however, Luce is looking for a Best Woman, and finds one in the bride. The bride, Rachel (Piper Perabo) wonders, days after her wedding, if she should swing over to the Dark Side.

You'd think it would've been more than a struggle. After all, Rachel's best friend is her husband, Heck, played with goodnatured gusto by Matthew Goode, one of the best parts of Match Point. Leaving him should've brought about more angst.

I actually liked the long build-up. We explore their relationships, their senses of humor. And we find that the camera adores Headey, while it's rather neutral toward Perabo. In truth, though, it's probably easier to play the femme fatale. Perabo's dialogue paints her as a simplistic, rather shallow woman, while Headey gets to play the mysterious, eventually "other" woman. And Goode is rather brilliant as the erudite, bubbly husband.

In the end, though, an end that took about 10 minutes, there's no substance there. There's a line from Rachel's mother about love is everything, and it ends as Rachel pulls a Crocodile Dundee, proving her love as they're separated by large objects. Ridiculous.

Thumb's down after a promising beginning. But look for more from some promising actors.


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