Saturday, January 05, 2008

More One-Minute Reviews


This is a fun action pic, with one action sequence topping the next in outrageous fashion. Paul Giamatti is the funniest killer you’ve ever seen, and Clive Owen is a great Bondsian guy with a strange sense of ethics and a wise crack for every situation.

Downside: There’s no charm here, or sense as to where everybody’s going.


Line up all the scenes you’ve shot for a movie, and then throw darts to determine the order in which they’re shown. It’s that sort of movie.

However, if you can hang in there through the confusion, and watch these three people collide in life, the impact is worth it.

FRASIER, Season 6

I’ve been watching the seasons in order of the Frasier show, a show I never watched when it was on primetime because, hell, who had time? This show just gets better and better as time goes on and they learn about their characters more and more; gosh, the writing just never falters.

My favorite of this year: Three Valentines, particularly the 10-minute or so scene where Niles has no dialogue. He’s getting ready for a date, decides that the creases in his pants aren’t right, gets out the ironing board, and somehow manages to not only set his pants on fire but the couch as well.


Very gritty, excellent story-writing and acting. Highly recommended if you’re a BSG fan (and even if you’re not, this can be watched without all the background). There’s one storyline about a young Adama and a hybrid Cylon that I just don’t get, but that’s okay. Some young geek will explain it to me one day…


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