Monday, June 15, 2009

My Name Is Bruce

My Name Is Bruce is all about that B-movie star we (think we) know and love, Bruce Campbell. The idea is that we're introduced to the real Bruce Campbell, and a typical day in his life. Only, on this day, a real monster comes to life, and he has to save the world.

I happen to find Bruce Campbell hysterical in anything he does. Even if he tried to play a serious dramatic part, I would be on the floor, laughing. So I found the beginning really funny, really charming. The problem is, it's a one-joke movie, and it gets old after about 10 minutes.

Bruce has always been good at spoofing the hero. Take a look at Evil Dead, the current Burn Notice TV show, even Bubba Ho-Tep. However, in this one, he spoofs himself, something only Bruce could do exceedingly well.

One of the funniest bits is in the beginning of the film when you see Campbell filming one of the worst god-awful movies ever made, and then he returns to his home, a white-trash trailer, to kick back and have a brewski. Very, very funny. But most of the scenes after that are all about Bruce's one-liners, which are snickering funny, but not beyond that.

This will appeal to real Bruce Campbell fans, at least through the first half. Thumb's down.


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