Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alien Trespass

Alien Trespass is purportedly a spoof and yet an homage to all those 1950's sci fi films I watched as a kid. However, it's less than either of those, unfortunately.

Instead of invoking Them! or The Beast with (fill in the blank), it's more like an original story with several of the same cast of characters. The closest fifties' film Trespass reminds you off is The Blob, Steve McQueen's first movie, only the teenage stars aren't as charismatic or effective, and the alien beast isn't a blob.

Trespass would've fared better if it had been able to make fun of -- we call that a "spoof" -- those old favorite movies. But it doesn't, really. It misses the mark almost every time. The movie may invoke nostalgia in our brains for these old movies, but there's no payoff.

It's great to see Eric McCormack, the only recognizable name in the movie, act as our scientist whose body is taken over by an alien. But even he can't save this loser. Best to go rent The Blob, or Them! or, even better yet, Forbidden Planet.

Thumb's down.


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