Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Moon concerns our astronaut, Sam, who's been alone on the moon some 3 years now. His only company is the ship's computer. Sam's job is to make sure all the mining equipment nearby still works satisfactorily. When we join his story, he has only three weeks until he's relieved and can rejoin his wife and daughter back on Earth.

I can't give away any secrets here, just to say that Sam Rockwell as Sam is a tour-de-force, and I was quite surprised to see that he wasn't nominated for best actor of 2009. Still, Moon is a small movie, and that may be the answer.

One would expect space exploration to be exciting, but this tale is claustrophobic and you feel Sam's loneliness. You wonder how three years by yourself wouldn't drive one just a little mad.

I never saw what was coming. I half expected Sam to say to the computer, voiced drolly but without irony by Kevin Spacey, "Open the pod bay door, Hal," but as much as Moon looks like 2001, it isn't. Still, like 2001, there are surprises in store for our astronaut. Surprises which tell you a lot more about Sam.

I liked the movie for the surprises and the interesting plotline, but the movie dragged through several parts. You would expect a mission where you're the only one for company to drag a little. Still, I think the movie is worth a look.

Thumb's up.


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