Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Going the Distance

The good thing about the movie Going the Distance, starring Justin Hill and Drew Barrymore, is that it's a story about an adult long-distance relationship that's truly for adults. There's no boy-wins-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-figures-it-out-and-wins-girl-back.

The problem with the movie Going the Distance is that there's nothing else to the story. It's a long-distance relationship, and how this winsome couple tries to deal with that. She's struggling with the one career break she's gotten -- in another city. He loves New York, can't find work in her city, and doesn't want to leave anyway. And, gosh, air travel is so expensive.

To beef up the story, the powers-that-be throw in a couple of funny roommates. If you think bathroom humor is funny, you might like them. I don't. I thought it was an interesting and cute concept when we're introduced to the roommate who won't go away, but after he announced his open-bathroom-door policy, they lost me. I didn't mind the raunchy language, but you should be warned this isn't a good one for pre-teens; I didn't mind it because it seemed realistic as to how men talk and relate to each other.

The only reason to see this film is not to see how they work it all out. It's to watch Hill and Barrymore, who are very good separately and together. We just hope for better projects for the both of them.

Thumb's down.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Sheryl said...

finally saw this one too. I gotta disagree with your thumbs. I enjoyed it and appreciated the adult situations. You're right about the goofy roommate - he was over the top. But I love that they didn't find a perfect solution - but they did find a much better situation.


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