Monday, April 23, 2012


Things aren't going well for Adam, a 27-year-old man who works behind the scenes at a radio station. He has just discovered he has a rare form of cancer that may or may not be treatable. His girlfriend isn't really in the moment, and instead seems more obsessed with her career. His mother doesn't take bad news like this well. And his best friend is scheming on how
to use the news to pick up women.
If you're wondering where all this can lead, it leads to wonderful places in this very engaging half-comedy, half-drama. Joseph Gordon Levitt is about as perfect as one can be in a situation like this: angry, yet unable to express himself. The story, the screenplay, and the actor, hit every note.
Seth Rogen is also someone to watch here. Terribly inappropriate, he has to tell himself to back off the profanity so that girls won't slink away from him. Rogen is funny all by himself, but when paired with his straight man, Levitt, he's even better.
I learned so much from this film. It stays with me even now, a few days later. Thumb's up.


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