Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Luck Chuck

I've spent far too many days and nights watching academy award-nominated films. I am so happy to be saddled, finally, with a film like Good Luck Chuck.

Surely I jest. I have no idea how a film like this gets made. Fine cinematography, A-list actors. Cute penguins. Good production values. But a careless, exploitative, stupid script that reads more like Two Buck Chuck. There is not a single funny or charming or witty or redeeming scene in the entire film. There isn't even a comma where it should be.

The idea here is that a Goth-inspired 10-year-old places a hex on equally young Charlie when he refuses to make out with her at a party. Flash forward a few years and you've got Dane Cook warding off women because they believe that they have to have sex with Chuck in order to find their true mate. Well, Dane's Chuck really doesn't ward too many of them off. There is an amazingly tasteless montage of all the women Chuck exploits, as he's exploiting them literally. About 30 of them.

I'm still trying to fathom why Jessica Alba would do a film like this, and all I can imagine is that she wants to break into the comedy genre. Hopefully she'll find something better. Dane Cook chose wisely when he acted in Dan in Real Life, but this later choice is pure disaster.

We know how the movie will end, and the characters seem so sweet that we want the best for them. It's the getting there that is so painful.

Thumb's down.


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