Monday, March 31, 2008

The Last Legion

The tagline states, "Before King Arthur, there was Excalibur." This is the story of how Excalibur came to be, and how it was stuck in that stone for Arthur to find with Merlin's help. It is an untold story that, let me say right now, should never have been told.

We are at the scene of Rome crumbling and the Goths taking over, and young Caesar -- Romulus Augustus -- fleeing the city to avoid certain death. With the help of Aurelius, one of the last Roman fighters, they search for Julius Caesar's sword, which is hidden in the very fortress Romulus is sent to by the Goths.

This movie is so bad, it's occasionally good. The casting consists of good actors in bad roles, particularly Colin Firth as the last Roman fighter, and Ben Kingsley, as Romulus' teacher. Surely they were rolling their eyes as they said this dialogue.

Some of the fight scenes are very well done, particularly the ones featuring Indian actress Aishwarya Rai. The choreography is something to study. But a weak plot, badly written dialogue, two-dimensional characters and villains, all doom this movie to C status.

Thumb's down.


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