Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Sentinel

I took a look at The Last Sentinel for one reason: it boasted Katee Sackhoff in the lead. I liked Katee as the complicated pilot in Battlestar Galactica.

This is your basic last-man-on-earth kind of movie. While Tallis is not the last man, it's getting close since the robots set up to be Earth's police force took over. And, of course, as they always do, they sought to wipe mankind out.

But Tallis (actor Don Wilson) is a great warrior, trained since he was a boy to be so. And mankind's hope of salvation rests with him. One day while battling in the streets of some once-populated city, he watches a small group of revolutionaries fight. Only one survives, he rescues her (Sackhoff), and they team up to destroy the Drone Police.

This movie is a real bore. Its exposition is even done badly, mostly during fight scenes which must appeal to some audience I'm not a part of. The writing has no imagination, the dialogue drone-like (and not just for the drones). The only good things to say about The Last Sentinel is that (1) Katee Sackhoff lifts the material from worst-movie-ever-made to simply dreadful, and (2) actor Bokeem Woodbine, as a soldier who trains Tallis, brings such energy to his brief scenes that he almost accomplishes the same.

I see that Wilson is a producer for the project, which explains how someone who can't act could get the lead role. No one could tell him otherwise.

We know Sackhoff will find better material. Until then, watch Battlestar DVDs.

Thumb's down.



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