Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Angel of Death

I'm not used to viewing webisodes, except for one: I viewed several of the Battlestar Galactica webisodes, which served as material to fill in the gaps between Seasons 1 and 2 when they landed on New Caprica under Cylon rule. The BSG webisodes could serve as a primer for such things.

Angel of Death apparently is not patterning itself after anything that good. The Angel of Death is Eve, a female hitwoman, played by former stuntwoman Zoe Bell. The first two episodes show some good action, inspiring music (mostly a solid but zippy bass line), but there's no purpose, no sense of humor, no relief. Oh, but there are some great parts for wigs.

Oh, I did laugh when Doug Jones appeared as a doctor who's not terribly nonplussed by the knife sticking out of Eve's head. But then, I laugh whenever Doug is onscreen because he's that good with the material.

Lucy Lawless is due to make an appearance in the 5th episode. Zoe was Xena's stuntwoman when both she and Lucy were on the series some years ago. And Ted Raimi is in the 3rd episode; Ted Raimi is Sam Raimi's brother, and played "Joxer" on the Xena series. It's all one big family.

We can only hope that the series will be uplifted by such inspired casting. Be assured there will be a great fight scene in each webisode. Just don't look too closely for plot lines. Find Angel of Death at

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