Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Movers move objects with their mind, Pushers control other peoples' thoughts, Watchers can see the future, Bleeders emit high-pitched screams that can burst blood vessels, Sniffs can track people by sniffing an object to see where they've been, Shifters can temporarily change what an object looks like to others, Wipers can wipe memory, Shadows can cloak themselves and others around them from detection, and Stitchers can heal or unheal people. Oh, and Spinners -- no, wait. That's what my head is doing from trying to figure all this out.

Welcome to a world filled with mutants with mostly latent powers. There are the good guys -- Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning -- who are hunted by U.S. government agents in Hong Kong. We're not sure why they want them, but I'm sure it's to use them against .... somebody. And there are a whole lot of evil experimentation going on by said government agency, which makes them clearly the bad guys.

This is a muddled sci-fi action thriller. Thrilling because ... well, okay, it's not that thrilling. It's obviously sci fi, and you get the feeling that, with a better director and a better script, it could've amounted to something a lot more thrilling.

But at the base of everything is the funny feeling that we've seen this movie before: mutant humans hiding from the government, who want to destroy them for some-odd reason. But that movie, or those movies, had an A director behind the project each time, and a lot more money for the effects.

Push has a few things going for it, namely Dakota Fanning. And there are some unpredictable little situations along the way, which is always welcome, particularly the ending. However, the ending isn't set up properly and it remains a big ball of mutant confusion.

Thumb's down.


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