Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins (the love interest in Wolverine) play a young couple with a decision (or more) to make. Which way they'll go is the theme here: the film shows both ways from the first few minutes.

In one scenario, Gordon-Levitt's character finds a cell phone in the back of the cab. In trying to trace who the phone belongs to, they enter into extreme danger.

In the other scenario, they explore the meaning of family when, while driving to a family picnic, they pick up a stray dog.

Uncertainty isn't terribly compelling. I understand that there were no lines to the scenes, only general direction, and that each actor had to establish their own character's identity and lines. This process seems nice, but often leads nowhere. The only reason I stuck with the film is because of Gordon-Levitt and Collins. Their performances are very good. But the storylines, even though presented in an unusual way, weren't enough. The pace was uneven, at best, in the cell phone mystery, and non-existent for the most part in the family scenario.

I would skip this, and hope for better roles for both actors.

Thumb's down.


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