Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures is based on a true story of a couple who have two children with a debilitating spinal disease similar to M.S. In the story, they hunt down a researcher and partner with him to help him solve the mystery of the disease before their children die.

I really enjoyed this movie for several reasons. First, there was nothing simple about finding that cure. There is no cure, and the movie is quite blunt about that. But the enzyme that was eventually developed would help their children, and others, mostly infants. Stumbling block after block is shown, and solutions are sought, realistically.

I also like the fact that Harrison Ford finally plays his real age. He plays the curmudgeonly genius scientist who figures it out, but pushes everyone else away from him. And Brendan Fraser plays the father who, as a businessman, finds a way to fund his research. Although Ford was fine, Fraser is the best I've ever seen him. He has that eagerness that makes you want to play along with him, but the emotion to pull off the fact that this father felt the time-bomb of his children's lives ticking away.

It's a tearjerker to be sure, but a good one. Thumb's up.


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