Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is a different kind of animated film, with a different idea. There are TWO superheroes on the planet, and, of course, one's bad and one's good. And the film shows why MegaMind chose to become bad: Metro Man, that goodie-two-shoes, beats him in tasks and popularity every step of the way. It didn't help that they were the same age and went to school together.

If you're a fan of the Superman story at all, you'll laugh in the first quarter of the movie as they make comparison after comparison. It's a really clever send-up of our boy in red and blue.

So, Metro Man, he of the good looks, and MegaMind, he of the bulbous blue head, meet toe-to-toe over many years, with Metro Man winning every single time. Except the last time. MegaMind is finally king.

But, gosh, that's boring. No one to pit yourself against means a lonely existence. And the one girl you really like, Roxanne Ritchie, kind of pines for Metro Man and won't pay you a second glance. Until something kinda weird happens.

There is generally enough action -- you know, people trying to kill each other -- throughout the film to keep kids interested. And there's enough dialogue and funny punch lines to keep adults engaged. And the voices -- Will Ferrell as MegaMind, Brad Pitt as Metro Man, and Tina Fey as Roxanne -- really punch it. I recommend this movie for both kids and adults.

Thumb's up.


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