Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Green Hornet

I am actually a fan of Seth Rogen (he plays Green Hornet here), but not of this movie. The movie can’t decide whether it’s going to be a comedy or an action flick, and does a bad job at both.

Rich kid Britt Reid grows up spoiled and, at 30, shows it. When his dad dies, he decides, well, nothing, giving the reins of his father’s beloved newspaper to his editor-in-chief (Edward James Olmos). However, when he meets his dad’s espresso-maker/car mechanic, Kato, things change. In a whim mustered by only someone with unlimited wealth, he decides he and Kato can be the Green Bee and go out into the crappy neighborhoods of L.A. and kick some butt. Okay, Kato has better sense and suggests “Green Hornet,” a moniker which sticks.

It’s silly, it’s stupid, but it’s got some great stunts, and some great double-takes by newcomer Jay Chou, who puts on Kato’s chauffeur black like he was born to it. He’s the only good thing in this. Fabulous actors Tom Wilkinson (the father) and Christoph Waltz (the villain) are just wasted.

Let’s be truthful: I hate it when people don’t know how to treat the old, wonderful superheroes. Ironman knew how to use humor. Green Hornet and Rogen’s screenplay do not.

Thumb’s down.