Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

If you read all the news about The Hobbit, Peter Jackson's take on a small children's tale, you'll know that much has been added to the book to make it a trilogy.  Yes, we're in The Lord of the Rings territory now, with the capabilities of expanded versions and 3D trolls and... oops, no spoilers, eh?

Sorry about the "troll" mention, but Bilbo talks about trolls in The Fellowship of the Ring (the movie), so we should know it's coming.

I absolutely took delight in this movie. No, I didn't think it was too long.  I thought it was much too short, about two parts too short.  And when it's over, I'll probably feel the same.  I laughed during the rather lengthy (but never  boring) beginning when we meet the dwarves, who come unannounced into Bilbo's house and devour every piece of food he has saved for a rainy day.  Little did Bilbo know he was saving it for the beginning of his great adventure.

Hobbits don't like adventure, or so we're told in the beginning of this tale.  And we, those of us in our audience seats, are much like Hobbits.  We're happier to stay there, munching on our popcorn, cheering on our heroes -- even if they happen to be a lot shorter than we're used to.  But Bilbo, though thrust into this adventure, is the one who brings us along, because he just has to see what lies beyond that next mountain. And so do we.

I loved each of the dwarves, and hopefully by the time Part 2 arrives in December 2013, I'll know each of their names and faces.  I think I have most of them, and those names don't even sound like Grumpy or Doc or Sneezy or....  

Bring it on!