Friday, August 05, 2011


Rango is a lizard who is just minding his own business, employing whatever is possible to work out stage play scenarios, when his cage is upended on a deserted highway and he ends up having to fend for himself. He wanders into a town full of other equally-sized animals, and ends up being sheriff. He tries to find himself in this new role as well as the town's missing water supply.

The movie has quite an unusual look to it. The animals are drawn quite realistically -- not animal realistic, but human-quality realistic -- and each character is quite intriguing. The story is a bit mundane, but it's spiced up by Johnny Depp's voice and comic acting, and the wonderful movie references scattered throughout the movie.

This isn't really a kids' movie, although it certainly has the look. Who wouldn't want to see different lizards and mammals dressed up in western gear, especially if you're 10? But the scatological humor and references are 'way above a 10-year-old. And there are some sexual references as well, although they are very few. Be warned.

The middle is lonnnng. Who knew that a search for water could be so drawn-out? But the unusual look, interesting plot-twists, Johnny Depp, and dialogue make this a look-see.

Thumb's up.


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