Sunday, April 05, 2009

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds is a mixed-up mystery of a movie that features a great cast. It's also one of the slowest, most boring movies I've seen lately.

Rosario Dawson, especially, shines as a woman with congenital heart problems who is helped by Will Smith's character. Smith, however, doesn't seem at ease in the role, and doesn't allow us access to his character's motivation. He's just sad and confused. And that makes this a tough movie to watch.

The movie is in drab browns, sepia tones, almost as if Smith's character can't see the colors of life. Again, it's a drab palette, and hard to scare up any interest. There is one respite: an aquarium of two jellyfish that Smith keeps in his motel room. That scene gives us points of light, relief really, from the despair the movie wraps its arms around.

Thumb's down.


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