Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I don't make it a habit to see all of Denzel Washington's films. Some of them are too depressing-looking for me. But when Washington is onboard, you know there's a level of competent acting, regardless of what shape the screenplay is in.

Unstoppable is based on a true story when a rail train breaks free and plummets unmanned down the track. The true story happened in 2001, and while many things have been changed about the story -- including the insertion of Denzel Washington -- the basic story line is true. Which is fascinating.

Washington plays Frank, a guy who's been on trains for 28 years. He's a veteran nearing retirement. Up comes young train guy Will -- with 4 whole months of training -- played by Chris Pine (of James T. Kirk Star Trek fame) -- a guy who has some problems of his own. The long unfurling of the story allows for Frank and Will to get to know one another and hear each other's story.

I found the movie quite exciting -- at least the last 15 minutes of the movie. However, while we were waiting for the denouement, we were entertained by Washington, Pike, and Michele Rodriguez, who plays a station manager. Thanks to Rodriguez and her battle with corporate guys who don't know much about trains (the company's name was fictionalized in the movie), we weren't bored.

It's a predictable storyline without much to break up the monotony except for these 3 and other fine supporting actors. But it's a good action story and quite entertaining.

Thumb's up.


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