Monday, April 20, 2009

Ne Le Dis A Personne (Tell No One)

I picked up the DVD of Tell No One (French language with English subtitles) because several movie reviews touted this as one of the best of 2008. I have to respectfully disagree.

One of the other reasons I saw this movie was the appearance of Kristin Scott Thomas. But, in truth, she's in it very little. However, due to the strong acting of the rest of the cast, you don't really miss her.

Pediatrician Alexandre Beck misses his wife Margot, who was brutally murdered eight years ago. When two bodies are found near the crime scene, the police come around and Alex becomes a suspect once again. They start closing in on him when, all of a sudden, he gets an email....from his dead wife.

This is a murder mystery reminiscent of Hitchcock, where the wrong man is accused and the protagonist (played by Francois Cluzet) has to run like hell to clear himself and find out the mystery of the reappearing wife.

We're in the mystery from the beginning to end, fighting emotionally for Alex to succeed. However, while there are a few clues tossed our way, most of the explanation of what's really happening is dumped on us literally at the end of the movie. I would prefer to have it set up in a murder mystery so that I can figure out what's going on, and discover the clues with our hero.

Still, it's a different kind of mystery, one we've never seen before, and with Cluzet's strong lead, it's an interesting movie.

Thumb's up.


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