Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse

This is the third Twilight movie in the series. If you're a Twifan, I don't need to tell you that. If you're not, you don't care.

I haven't read the books, which is a major disadvantage. It's like trying to tell what's going on in the Harry Potter movies, at least the latter three, without having read the books; the difference is that the HP series has a masterful screenwriter. The Twilight screenplay isn't nearly as good a summation, and we're treated to snippets of dialogue that supposedly explain all the different type of weird people and goings-on. It doesn't.

In part two, we were introduced to Jacob the werewolf, not just Jacob the Bella suitor. Jacob is pressing the issue in #3, and Bella is clearly attracted to him. But Bella made a promise to Edward, that, upon her graduation, she would... Well, that would be spoiling things. But suffice to say it's not sex, to the great relief of her father (boy, is he clueless here).

In general, the movie is static, doesn't move, except for some brief fight scenes toward the end. Oh, I should tell you that young vampires are fierce and can't control themselves -- about the only thing interesting happening here. Otherwise, it's the characters emoting at each other, and that just gets boring.

Except for the fine acting of the main three actors, there's really no reason to see this. Or number 4 or number 5....

Thumb's down.


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